Who is Theodore Trewlove?

Dear, Friends

We know who Amber is, but do we know who our protagonist is? Well, let’s find out.

The thing about marriage, is that it has to be just right for it to work. You need to know when to lie, when to tell the truth, and when to be silent. But, above all, you need to learn how to satisfy them. 

Unfortunately for me, that’s not as easy as it would be for anyone else. 

I suppose that’s an issue with being a part of the one percent. I like being romantic, I guess that’s what some people find attractive in me – the polite romance. But at the end of the day, I can almost guarantee that the person I’ll be with won’t be satisfied.

After all, I only ever found one other person within the one percent – but she’s gone…  And I can’t even remember her name.

I hope you enjoyed that little insight into Theodore’s mind.

More to come soon.

Have a lovely day,

Castiel Gutierrez

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