Who is Amber Mistry?

Dear, Friends

I want to introduce you to Amber Mistry; a little monologue should do the trick.

I lived a life of pain. Swapping one abuser out for another, time and time again. It’s not what I wanted, nor what I intended. But you make what you can with what you have.

Eventually, my life improved. I won the battle and changed my life and myself for the better. I won’t let anyone screw with me now.

Theodore once said that my personality is as fiery as my hair, and when I knew him – I suppose it was – but that was while I was still trapped in the cycle of pain life gave me.

Now, people say my hair is as fiery as my personality.

I hope that gave you an insight into who Amber is, and I hope you stick around to meet her personally.

Have a lovely day,

Castiel Gutierrez

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